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Traveling abroad can be made simpler through opportunities like housekeeping jobs that offer visa sponsorship. Fortunately, this page provides you with essential information to navigate this path.

In the United States, there’s a substantial presence of housekeepers and cleaners, making visa sponsorship often unnecessary for those seeking jobs abroad in this sector.

While many in this workforce are legal immigrants with green cards obtained through family connections, a notable portion comprises undocumented workers.

To work legally in the United States or any country with visa stipulations, one typically needs visa sponsorship—a formal backing from a U.S. employer or a qualifying entity.

This sponsorship typically details crucial aspects such as the job role, salary, and duration of employment.

Upon securing a position internationally, you’ll receive complimentary visa sponsorship and all necessary resources to excel in your role.

Types of House keeper jobs canada hiring with visa sponsorship 2024 $85,000 opportunity in 2024/2025 – Apply now

The United States offers a range of work visas tailored to individual or corporate requirements. The H-1B visa is ideal for highly skilled professionals, whereas the L-1 visa caters to employees being transferred within the same company.

It’s essential to note that the TN visa is exclusively crafted for qualified professionals from Canada and Mexico in designated fields.

Choosing the appropriate work visa largely depends on your distinct skills, background, and the guidelines established by the country where you intend to work.

1. Hotel Housekeeper:

Look for jobs in hotels—they often need housekeepers. If you’re good at the job, they might help you get a visa. Your job would be to clean rooms and keep the hotel tidy.

2. Private Household Staff:

Rich people sometimes hire housekeepers for their homes. If you’re good at cleaning and organizing, they might help you get a visa.

3. Resort or Cruise Ship Housekeeper:

Places like resorts or cruise ships also hire people to clean. If you’re good at it, they might help you get a visa to work there.

4. Corporate or Office Housekeeper:

Big companies might need someone to keep their offices clean. If you’re good at that, they might help you get a visa.

5. Senior Living Facilities:

Sometimes, places where older people live hire housekeepers. If you’re good at keeping things clean, they might help you get a visa.

6. Educational Institutions:

Schools and colleges also need people to clean. If you’re good at it, they might help you get a visa.

7. Government or Embassy Housekeeper:

Even government offices hire housekeepers. If you’re good at keeping things tidy, they might help you get a visa.

8. Vacation Rental Housekeeper:

People who rent out vacation homes might need a housekeeper. If you’re good at cleaning, they might help you get a visa.

To find a job that helps you get a visa, look for job ads that mention it. You can also ask staffing agencies or immigration lawyers for help.

List of Countries with House keeper jobs canada hiring with visa sponsorship 2024

Many countries provide visa sponsorship opportunities for housekeeping and cleaner jobs, and the availability of such sponsorships varies based on immigration policies, labor market demands, and specific visa programs. Examples of countries offering sponsorship include:

  1. United Arab Emirates (UAE): 

The UAE has a high demand for domestic workers, providing specific visa programs for housekeepers and cleaners typically requiring sponsorship by a local employer or recruitment agency.

  1. Singapore: 

Singapore offers various work permit schemes, including the Work Permit for Foreign Domestic Workers, allowing employers to sponsor foreign housekeepers or cleaners.

  1. United States: 

The U.S. offers different visa categories, like the H-2B visa, suitable for employers seeking housekeeping or cleaning staff for specific periods.

  1. Canada: 

Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) enables employers to hire foreign workers for occupations like housekeeping and cleaning during labor shortages.

  1. United Kingdom: 

The UK’s Tier 2 visa for skilled workers may, under certain circumstances, allow employers to sponsor foreign workers in housekeeping or cleaning roles if they meet eligibility criteria.

  1. Australia

Australia has visa programs like the Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa, assisting employers in hiring housekeeping or cleaning staff when suitable local candidates are unavailable.

Each country has distinct requirements and application processes for work visas in these occupations. 

Employers and employees should adhere to immigration laws, seeking guidance from immigration lawyers, recruitment agencies, or official government sources for accurate information on visa sponsorship opportunities for housekeeping and cleaner jobs in specific countries.

How to apply for House keeper jobs with visa sponsorship

To obtain a work visa as a housekeeper, follow these general steps, keeping in mind that the process may vary by country:

  1. Research Visa Options:

Explore the available visa categories for housekeepers in the country where you want to work. Focus on those designed for household or domestic roles.

  1. Employer Sponsorship:

Secure an employer or sponsor in the desired country willing to hire you as a housekeeper. Ensure they meet specific criteria and can demonstrate a need for hiring you over a local worker.

  1. Check Eligibility:

Review eligibility criteria for the chosen visa category. This may include age, qualifications, experience, language proficiency, and health and character assessments.

  1. Gather Documentation:

Collect necessary documents, including your passport, employment contract, educational qualifications, reference letters, background checks, and any other documents specified by immigration authorities.

  1. Application Submission:

Submit your visa application along with required documentation to the relevant immigration authorities. Adhere to provided instructions and pay any applicable fees.

  1. Visa Processing:

Undergo a processing period where immigration authorities review your documents, conduct background checks, and decide on your visa application.

  1. Medical and Security Checks:

Depending on visa requirements, complete medical examinations and provide police clearance certificates to demonstrate your health and good character.

  1. Visa Approval:

If approved, you’ll receive a work visa allowing you to work as a housekeeper for a specified period. 

Carefully review the conditions and validity period of the visa. Keep in mind that specific requirements may differ by country.

There is something we want you guys to know, please the immigration laws as well as visa requirements can change at any time, even the processes may differ between countries. It is advisable to refer to the official website of the immigration department or seek assistance from a qualified immigration lawyer or consultant.


So many countries in the world most specifically the UAE, Singapore, the U.S., Canada, the UK, and Australia, gives people free visa sponsorship for housekeeping jobs. So if you want a successful visa application, all you have to do is to establish strong ties to your home country, demonstrate extensive travel, and showcase financial assets.

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