13-Yr-Old Boy Builds A Tiny House With Just $1,500, Look Inside

Building your own home may seem impossible, but that’s exactly what Luke Thill did. This 13-yr-old boy managed to complete his dream house with just $1,500! See what he did and it might inspire you to do the same!

1. It All Started With…

The summer before high school seemed too dull for Luke, but that all changed when a “Tiny House” video popped up on his social media. Shortly thereafter, he became obsessed with the idea of building a small home, so he decided to try it out. But first, he needed to get one tricky problem out of the way.

2. Money Saving Plan

Luke needed enough money to get the ball rolling, so he started saving by mowing lawns and doing chores around the house. Neither of his parents thought he could stick it out, but he eventually earned $1,500 just as he expected. Now the journey was about to begin!

3. The Modern Kitchen

Step into the kitchen, where the conveniences of modern living are at your fingertips. From the sleek dishwasher to the state-of-the-art oven, this space has it all.

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