September 28, 2023

Nathaniel Bassey and Dunsin Oyekan, two amazing gospel music pioneers, are featured in the song “See How Far: Gratitude (Reflections).” produced by Wole Adesanya, Emmanuel Uzozie, and Victoria Orenze.

This sound conveys the spirit of sincere, heartfelt thanksgiving that inspires wonders and miracles. I sob in appreciation and thanksgiving as I listen to the recording.

My friends Nathaniel Bassey and Dunsin Oyekan, are servants of God, and I am honored to carry this river, which will flood the earth with thankfulness and unlock inconceivable doors! After this experience, you can never be the same. Nobody will be able to cross this river!

Listen here

The end of the year is appropriate to take stock of our lives the entire year. I know for sure that when we sit down to count all of how mercies and blessings, we will be astounded at how far he has brought us.

Remember when we show gratitude there will always be more reasons to be grateful. Make sure you Soak in and share this river!

Victoria Orenze – See How Far: Gratitude (Reflections) ft. Nathaniel Bassey, Dunsin Oyekan MP3


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